Store Policies


We offer a 24 hour guarantee on Freshwater and Saltwater fish under the following terms:

  1.  The fish must be frozen and returned to the store with a sample of the water from the tank (at least 1 cup) for testing within 24 hours of purchase.
  2. Water parameters must be:  Ammonia Oppm, Nitrite Oppm, Nitrates >20ppm, pH in suitable range for fresh/saltwater.
  3. No visible signs that the fish suffered aggression from another fish in your tank.
  4. Customer must provide the original sales receipt.

Upon determination that above terms are met, the customer will be given a replacement or full/partial store credit at the discretion of management.

*There is no guarantee on fish sold as “Crazy Deals,”  “Fish In The Bag” or other major store sales where “No Guarantee” is explicitly advertised in-store, by email or social media.



There is no guarantee on corals, coral frags or invertebrates (crabs, shrimp, etc)



Dry Goods And Equipment may be returned within 7 days for store credit provided they are unopened / unused.  The customer must produce the original sales receipt at time of return.